This Is Christmas – Kutless

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  1. ministryroh says:


  2. passionforjesusful says:

    awesome ! only because of Christ Jesus that we celebrate the day He chose to be born for us..

  3. welovetruth says:

    How do we find true happiness?

  4. vanessaluvsg says:

    beautiful…thank you, jesus, for choosing to be born for me…ill never forget that.

  5. nathasyathea says:

    yeah.. sumtimes im thinking, how could we celebrate Christmas without Christ?? its like we r celebrating sumone’s b’day without the one who is “the birthday person”.. there’s no point celebrating sumthing when we hv lost the purpose of the celebrations.. May God always lighten our perspectives and bless us in everyway:) amen

  6. jarjar70x7 says:

    first time i heard this was on air 1 then downloaded it even thought christmas was yesterday stll love it

  7. jarjar70x7 says:

    first time i heard this was on air 1 then downloaded it even thought christmas was yesterday stlll love it

  8. TheFantastic73 says:

    How could there be Christmas if Christmas starts with Christ. Amen to the Savior born in a manger. =)

  9. myziczag says:

    @Hediedforme1990 Just kiddin man :D !

  10. Hediedforme1990 says:

    @myziczag “Kill the six idiots that disliked” What happened to the “Peace on earth” part of Christmas?

  11. myziczag says:

    For God’s sake somebody remove the dislike button and kill the six idiots who disliked this! :D Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. randee141 says:

    tonight is christmas eve of 2011, i go to church thinking it would be boring as usal. At the end of the of everything befor we left they played this, it is such an amzzing song, making this the best christmas song. the first christmas having my soul sis home, first year in new house and first year in highschool, first year with my new amazinf boyfriend, first year with new babybrother, and first year i am finialy happy to welcome the next year into my life, thank you god for everything.

  13. Songwriter4God says:

    Six dislikes? Seriously? Best Christmas song ever, especially good for modern society.

  14. ToRealistic says:

    i love lord and the true meaning of christmas is of the first 6 letters

  15. ilovexD195 says:

    haha you can actually move the snow around with your mouse! nice song :)

  16. dennisdragon17 says:

    best christmas song i’ve ever heard in my life god bless you and bless your new year

  17. TheM00PS says:

    More Snow when clicking on the Snowbutton in the Toolbar!!! :D

  18. JuliaThant says:

    what a nice Christmas song,,,,thnz ( May God bless you and your family )

  19. balisongfan567 says:

    i can’t stop listening to this song!!!!!!! Kutless, in my opinion, has some of the best Christmas songs. and i also hate the X in place of CHRIST. it amazes me how this nation has turned from the Christian principles it was founded on.

  20. Bluepitbull75 says:

    Great Song!

  21. LilaBear says:

    @lolzkirlc no, people did put the ‘x’ there because they were too lazy to write ‘christmas’ (plus it got rid of ‘christ’ too). Christians just turned the ‘x’ into a cross :)

  22. 6LilAndersonsRwe says:

    Merry CHRISTmas, Kutless is awesome, but my Saviour is AMAZING!!!!!!

  23. Sunrise148 says:

    Es ist ein sehr schöner Weihnachtssong, der die Wahrheit über Weihnachten erzählt *****
    It`s a very nice Christmas-Song….that tells the truth about Christmas *****

  24. Psalm63and4 says:

    We all like to get a gift on Christmas, but don’t forget that Christmas is a birthday of someone else, our God, we are his gifts. Change yourself, be a better man, fill yourself with love, that is the best gift for His birthday from you :)

  25. HomeworKKilleR5 says:

    It’s really sad that Santa is the person we rememer in Christmas….But i will remember Christ this Christmas

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