The Who – Christmas

From the album “Tommy”. Written by Pete Townshend. Father: Did you ever see the faces of the children They get so excited. Waking up on christmas morning Hours before the winter suns ignited. They believe in dreams and all they mean Including heavens generosity. Peeping round…

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  1. DrVaider says:


  2. iamobeliskquake says:

    @Ctrix1 she was in the movie but not the 1989 live version. it was Patti LaBelle

  3. saRAWRmay says:

    Merry Christmas!

  4. 1962drob says:

    @MrMegaFredzeppelin AWESOME ALBUM!!!! I had thought about making a playlist out of it but never got around to it. Maybe I’ll do it today lol. You posted your comment while I was preparing to post this as a bulletin. You are on top of your game today BRO!!! You always are!!!

  5. MrMegaFredzeppelin says:

    @1962drob Good morning,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This is such a GREAT album.ROCK ON!!!!!!

  6. 1962drob says:

    Merry Christmas Everybody!!! From The United States Of America!!!

  7. MrMissy1964 says:

    I Heard it, It Touched me and it Healed me

  8. whitetornadokid says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! TOO ALL *~<0:)

  9. MusicIsDeadToday says:

    Merry Christmas Wholigans!(:

  10. Ctrix1 says:

    @iamobeliskquake – the Acid Queen – Tina Turner

  11. morrisonhotel93 says:

    This has always been my favorite song by The Who.

  12. GreenhouseEffectGE says:

    An incredible Song from the greatest band of all time !! The backing vocals here are awesome and Keith’s Drumming ?? Amazing !

  13. npspec34 says:

    Great song – Pete was on Acid

  14. beatles123 says:

    @notanotheraccount Well, if one were to use the movie as interpretation, Tommy would be completely devoid of emotion to the whole thing…but you’re right. Combined with the theme of the album being that people are ignorant and cannot trust more than what they see, feel and hear, it’s quite possible the album is trying to convey that there are things we just don’t understand and try to judge without an open mind, such as even small things like what you mentioned.

  15. notanotheraccount says:

    @1marcgo If you think the play’s good, you should hear the ferkin’ album! Then you should seek out video of The Who actually performing it. You ears will unscrew of their own accord and drop on the ground.

  16. notanotheraccount says:

    @abdulalfarzed so…have you not heard Quadrophenia?

  17. notanotheraccount says:

    @wilhoitsux Genius line

  18. notanotheraccount says:

    @beatles123 I always thought of the ha-ha-ha-ha’s as cynical laughing AT the children, at the childish illusion that parcels could fall for free from Heaven. Added a very poignant edge to the song for me.

  19. bwc3821 says:

    The best Christmas song!!

  20. prisonernumber24601 says:

    Merry Christmas to all Who fans!

  21. nemesis101307 says:

    @WingDiamond Remember the tall stranger in Amazing Journey? I think Tommy’s probably encountering God in ways that us “normal” people never could. “Sickness will surely take the mind where minds can’t usually go.”

  22. ff2050 says:

    thank you AAAmitD for post all of this!!! xoxo

  23. XxDazedandConfusedx1 says:

    @WingDiamond lol nice ;D

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