The Who- Christmas

footage from the 1975 film “Tommy” directed by Ken Russell. music from the 1969 album “Tommy” written by Pete Townshend. i didnt care for the music used in the film, so i overdubbed the original version of “christmas”.

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  1. TheVinMan35 says:

    Thumbs up !

  2. TheACE377 says:

    is it just me or is that boy cute cute cute!!!!

  3. jsnhrv says:

    I wouldn’t doubt Oliver Reed is drinking real alcohol and is tanked during these scenes.

  4. TheBookWorm1718 says:

    Did anybody else ever wonder who the hell all these people are and why they’re with Frank and the mother?

  5. StonesFloydZepPurple says:

    what do you mean?

  6. alwaysopen says:

    Stick to yer guns, you’ll make a lot of friends.

  7. johnmcluskey says:

    Listen to Keith Moons drumming.

  8. welovetruth says:

    How do we find true happiness?

  9. attivo67 says:

    i <3 Ann Margaret

  10. StonesFloydZepPurple says:

    I know but the movie and the album were made to look like shit by quadrophenia(which was a master piece),the plot of Tommy is harder to go along with….

  11. StonesFloydZepPurple says:

    no Tommy features child abuse/molestation,quadrophenia is just about some guys breakdown… 

  12. DaUsername07 says:


    You’re doing it right.

  13. whonut says:

    @alwaysopen I liked all her scenes!

  14. NotComingBack01 says:

    Listening to this today. Like a boss. ;)

  15. london2z says:

    @bernytheman Back in 1976, I had a rough period after my father was killed, run over in a car accident. I briefly flipped out, and had delusions that I was Tommy. So many circumstances in Tommy’s life mirrored my own, is why. I also believed I was Christ reincarnated. And Tommy’s character is mimicking Christ, as he tries to spread enlightenment to the masses his way, only to be turned on at the end, much like Christ. The people decided not to follow anymore.

  16. ABXPONCE says:


  17. alwaysopen says:

    Actually, as it was said back then, “The fucking Who” rules.

  18. alwaysopen says:

    The Beatles have not sold “billions of albums”. 1B = 1000 million. There aren’t 500M people in the USA and most of those billions would have been sold here.

  19. alwaysopen says:

    You liked the “REX beans” commercial and watching her roll around on the floor in gallons of beans, right? I think all of us teenage boys got pretty excited about that scene way back then.
    I couldn’t believe all of those beans were coming through the TV screen.

  20. alwaysopen says:

    She is old now. Watch one of her old movies and fap. She looks real good in one of the Elvis movies.

  21. alwaysopen says:

    Still is.

  22. alwaysopen says:

    Yet you like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple? You don’t think those bands played really long tunes that contained a lot of crap?
    Tommy was a rock opera. It could be acted out on a live stage as well as in that flick. Townsend was very talented though Daltry will always be thought of as Tommy.

  23. alwaysopen says:

    Exactly. I don’t know where all of the crazy finger pointing comes into play here. I remember going to see it when it first came out in the 70s. Our HS English teacher decided to have us all meet at a great movie house one Friday night in DC for an unofficial field ‘trip’. About 60 kids showed up in various states of reality and we watched it twice in a row.

  24. ida260688 says:

    Buon Natale!! <3

  25. Iantorchwood94 says:

    @StonesFloydZepPurple Quadrophenia was much darker than Tommy.

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