The Christmas Tree

Written by and starring John Roberts. Directed by Clay Weiner. Edited by Jesse Reisner. DP Drew Denicola. A mom and her christmas tree
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. javi19920222 says:

    nice i like it it makes me laugh alot

  2. kaczurda says:

    Long Island moms

  3. BennyB5555 says:

    Been watching this since 2006….so glad to see him make it on Bobs Burgers! You go John Roberts!

  4. ffoxrider218 says:

    bobs burgers….

  5. RightGlove169 says:

    Italain Mothers!

  6. incubusy12 says:

    It’s cold.

  7. xxpeaches143xx says:

    oh hey mom…

  8. stephbutterfly15 says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this!

  9. Rosaliem8 says:


  10. cierasawsome says:

    count how much times she says tree i got 23 lmaoo

  11. iiFeArReD says:

    the accent and voice is perfect! XD

  12. mferran2 says:

    ooooh no! bubala you got some ishcabibles on the tree, ooooh jeez. clean up near the tree honey…cmooon. now!

  13. broadwaymaniac92 says:

    spitting image of my hs math teacher…

  14. stearnsmaddie says:

    i can’t stop watching this. so funny.

  15. igofromday2day says:

    Well done! I live to meet ladies like this!
     And theyre out there.
    Throwin love like a curve booalll!

  16. mynameiscodyify says:

    sounds like a jew

  17. invalidblock says:


  18. HeatherC747 says:

    there’s a lot of presents.

  19. FritzDaKatt18 says:

    is he trying to be Fran Drescher?

  20. charmsz566 says:

    This is the ORIGINAL “Shit Girls Say!” hahahaha NOTHING beats this one!

  21. lResisted says:

    Mom? Is that you? ..

  22. emcheer4eva says:

    i love this video it si soo funny!

  23. RockalilyDunne says:


  24. TheDailyPineapple says:

    Who wants bailey’s?

  25. MVR326 says:

    LOL…just great !!

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