RUN-DMC – Christmas In Hollis

Music video by RUN-DMC performing Christmas In Hollis. (C) 1987 Arista Records, Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NINJATRONdnb says:

    thats the xmass jam right there

  2. evalsoftserver says:


  3. kesesulse says:

    Die hard bring me here :D :D

  4. thezombiekiller87 says:

    die hard anyone

  5. MrDankTrees says:

    I would have robbed Santa’s fat ass. :)

  6. CrayahnTV says:

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  7. hariznl says:

    Big D NEW YORK, USA. He was naughty probably naughty anyway

  8. RandomRocker50 says:

    awsome. my favorite christmas song;)

  9. Cryssa962 says:

    THIS is hip-hop…:)

  10. harrahs80 says:

    this is one of my favorite hip hop songs no doubt

  11. Krazy0Kris says:

    I first heard this in Die Hard!

  12. zwartepiet412 says:

    this is one of the best christmas songs ever and i never hear it played on the radio during the holidays

  13. beven33 says:

    hi, dear friends, If you are interested in an interracial date.welcome to the nice space –……B lack G ir ls N ow.c om—

  14. DemonOverlordful says:

    Thumbs up for the old school and how fun it used to be  ;D

  15. Theholypug says:

    i love this

  16. ChronicKane says:

    0:10 Bobby Lee from MadTV son!

  17. doox420 says:

     if there is life on other planets i dont think they could be as cool as earthlings.

  18. serdarzulu says:

    Nema te kafane gde cu ja cuti ovo.Happy new year.

  19. mckolob says:


  20. rinmaone2 says:

    happy new fucking year

  21. teetasha1 says:

    this is my favorite chirristmas and i perform this song at my school go dmc!

  22. coolsweetgroovy says:

    Luv Run DMC RIP Jam Master Jay

  23. welovetruth says:

    How do we find true happiness?

  24. domisa89 says:


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