Puppy Christmas

I’m on facebook now!! :) www.facebook.com And don’t forget to add my Twitter! :) www.twitter.com The music for this video was composed by my friend Elton Luz. You can contact him at his website down below! www.eltonluz.com He also did the music for my fire knife dance video in which you can see right below. http Film was made by Devin Graham Check out my blog on the making of this video! devingraham.blogspot.com My friend Xan Baker donated all 4 of her puppies for the filming of this video! Check out her youtube channel here.. www.youtube.com Xan who also owns the puppies has a couple more left for sale. You can contact her at her youtube channel above. Just shoot her a message there. She is based in Salt Lake City Utah. And for those who have asked what kind of puppies they are, the puppies mom was half yorkie, half pomeranian, and the father was full maltese! My friend Devin Dyer let us use his house for the filming of this, so super thanks to him and his family for helping make that happen. I also had several friends who came and helped out on the filming of this, they were… Grant McCarty Jordan Nash www.youtube.com Kyle Meeks www.ThinkTankerMeeks.com My business partner Jacob Schwarz color corrected the video. You can contact him in the link right below. mysterybox.us On a technical note, we filmed this video with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D. As far as lenses we used: Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series lens Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L series lens Canon 8-15mm F/4 L series

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  1. GabrielViana7 says:

    The most cute video on internet!

  2. juliana1373 says:

    Plz give b

  3. juliana1373 says:

    OMMMMMMMMMG!!!!!!! They r THE CUTEAT DOGS IN THE WORLD !!!!!! Plz someone tell me the breeds of does CUTIE PIES they really are too cute especially the little brown one !!!!!! I’ll pay anything for the brown one plz JUST TELL ME THE BREED!!!!!! THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I EVER SAW IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE !!!!!!L

  4. phillolok says:

    expensive mother fuckers

  5. ultimatelighting says:

    @MGPscootdudes the precious presents… NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 7LovinDaLife says:

    Awww… So cute :)

  7. gummybear64149 says:


  8. madison1144 says:

    Same My Christmas decorations and room theme and even iPhone theme stay on till valentines day

  9. foreveralone64 says:

    I miss Christmas :( 

  10. degidio13 says:

    398 People like cats

  11. MGPscootdudes says:

    @ultimatelighting but the presents were ;)

  12. Shawzy991 says:

    Thank god they were all empty boxes

  13. TheMiamidiva2 says:

    They r soooooooooooooo cute

  14. MegaSoul5 says:


  15. ro1899 says:

    Que lindoooos!!!

  16. LPSlove612 says:

    The one at 0:11 is so cute:)))) so are the resist

  17. LPSlove612 says:

    I was crying so hard:)))) they are ADORABLE

  18. Gogolito95 says:

    I have never seen anything more cute! So adorable <3

  19. Puppyloves88 says:

    I just adore this video!! It makes me happy! :)

  20. shmergen1 says:

    my favorite part was the puppies

  21. TheNosignalgamers says:


  22. SneakyCube says:

    my head exploded from cuteness

  23. happymarkkj says:

    died of cuteness like RLS. Dead

  24. RideLightSnow says:

    I died for cuteness

  25. robogirl says:

    What breed of dogs were those?

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