Peanut’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Jeff Dunham

Season’s Greetings! This is the first video in our series of extended clips from Jeff’s Very Special Christmas Special. Watch the second and third videos in the series: Jeff’s latest stand-up special Controlled Chaos: Controlled Chaos Tour Dates: Jeff’s Very Special Christmas Special: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Store:

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  1. wildrouge987 says:

    OMG i love peanut his smartass lines even when im depressed his jokes get me laughing everytime

  2. 1998pokefan says:

    guitar guy is like WTF

  3. EaStCoAsTCrOoKlYn says:

    Santas gonna bring me a G.I Joe and a Bong LOL!!!

  4. longkill2000 says:

    Jeff:Not a Creature was stirring not even a Mouse
    Peanut:Mouse you wish your in a apartment that’s a Rat

  5. mlew98 says:


  6. hummer2256 says:

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HaruhiFUJIOKACHINA says:

    @darklyt750  LOL

  8. iheartrent100 says:

    @FlamingSamuraiBry ???????????????????

  9. DisneyGirlRocks says:

    Mommy says there deliciously good!!! Rofl

  10. littleangel7900 says:

    how does santa get to the kids in the aparments uncle jeffy?
    audience thinking aw this is so cute
    they have to buzz his ass in
    audience thinking peanuts back

  11. FlamingSamuraiBry says:

    @iheartrent100 insert BTTF 88MPH joke here.

  12. iheartrent100 says:

    @agizzy23 make it 88

  13. CSXfoamer97 says:

    Santa Claus!

  14. agizzy23 says:

    @bestgeeksmd i’m 99% jew and i love this video just say “74 sensitive jews disliked this video”

  15. 99Daxc says:

    Poor guitar guy trying to keep from dieing

  16. darklyt750 says:

    88 people live in 2B

  17. melecbrini007 says:

    And Molly says there magically delicious!

  18. UniversalLizard says:

    Why does Guitar Guy look like Zepp Hindle to me?

  19. littleangel7900 says:

    uncle jeffy???
    that was so cute and sweet and then i heard the next line
    yep peanuts back

  20. tcmoy3 says:

    @jeff6021 and??? whats the problem with crack?

  21. craftemMAN says:

    gota go quick cause theres a cop with a pistol LOL

  22. ShaDHP23 says:

    @TheGoldndog Guess that works both ways since he’s always hilarious.

  23. cadydaly says:

    this is fucking awesome

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