Michael Bublé – “Christmas” Medley Clip

© 2011 WMG Watch Michael singing clips from his new album “Christmas”. Download it on iTunes now here: wbr.fm Connect with Michael: www.michaelbuble.com http www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.itunes.com

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  1. edzinavs says:

    I’ve been searching for this for so long..

  2. jadenVanattue says:

    I´m cheerful, this is really great!!! He has a amazing voice!!! I love He!!

  3. hullothereyall says:

    Sigh…Michael Buble is one of the only artists alive who has the balls to step away from pop music and make songs of quality.

  4. DrLola24 says:

    its not even Christmas but i love all these song to death!

  5. KristinaMayflower says:

    :( I miss Christmas! COME SOON WINTER! DECEMBER!!

  6. MyCodAcc says:

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  7. MsStig999 says:

    Merry Christmas

  8. ej1236 says:

    merry christmas in march…XD

  9. Arialdalpre says:

    Move to the Caribou in Canada. You get 6 months of snow. And trust me, you won’t like it after the first month. Yuck. Pooy. Gross.

  10. jakusi69 says:

    all i want for christmas is you

  11. vet2video says:

    I already miss christmas, we didn’t had any snow here. But it’ll gonna snow next week for the first time this winter. I’m so excited though!

  12. MrPleonardo says:

    michael gay bublè se ritorni in italia ti fo conosce il pompa gay bible wlf

  13. cakrawala2011 says:

    wonderfull song

  14. guidefox says:

    God this guy is such a classy showman.

  15. kevin2fla says:

    Michael Buble is one of the true talents we have right now.

  16. SuperTathinha says:

    soo cute ….i love it

  17. MissILoveMusic44 says:

    I thought that he was going to steal her presents…

  18. iandelgadoVEVO says:

    Que piola

  19. usmaddog7 says:

    Okay sweety,believe what you will.Mikey Bubbles was openly gay and had a huge cock.! Whats wrong,Jealous.?

  20. Pr0d3gi says:

    stfu you lying bitch

  21. usmaddog7 says:

    I lived next door to him when he was starting out,He was a gay excotic dancer in Montreal he was terrific so young and energetic.His stage name was Mikey Bubbles.

  22. hyundaojoe says:

    theres no question on how everybody loves this man..
    its his natural charisma and charm..
    charm in his voice,
    charm in his moves,
    and charm in his eyes,face,and nose!

    love you michael!

  23. SAcloudz says:

    I dont understand… i wasnt naughty and i still didnt get Michael Bublé for christmas :( 

  24. magdalena79m says:

    Great album Michael! Congratulations! The Puppini Sisters are great too!

  25. xpiiphex says:

    34 grinchs XD

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