Mariah Carey, John Legend – When Christmas Comes

Music video by Mariah Carey, John Legend performing When Christmas Comes. © 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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  1. jeandupont59140 says:

    Mariah is the best since a lot of decennies

  2. jbandcamiglia4ever says:

    Nobody look after Mariah Carey until is Christmas time.. that’s so sad !

  3. LATRICIA402 says:

    I love this video i am so happy for Mariah and Nick and their precious babies. 

  4. 684street says:

    NiceSong…good combination of vocals..

  5. robertap100 says:

    @TheRanrey no.

  6. mimiq8 says:

    @BelcherCoupon no no the paino is black the one belong to marilyn is white

  7. Shingleglog says:

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  8. TheRanrey says:

    is that Marilyn Monroe’s piano?

  9. jackyl6092 says:


  10. asekun022 says:

    the views are not moving since 4 days ago .. :(

  11. dinor94a says:

    @cersus Irreverent American Jews, what have we come? Shame on you piece of Gay

  12. rdn91 says:

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  13. danielsep76 says:

    its a beautiful video..but i cant help noticing something very uncannily disturbing, she seems to favor Moroccan more then pun intended.
    In all the video is beautifully done.

  14. TheAlan0509 says:

    This should be the classic!! That’s beautiful!!

  15. BelcherCoupon says:

    wonder if that’s marilyn’s piano???

  16. candyblinggg says:

    @bondgirl362436 how do u know what is “her” and what is not?! just cuz u dont like it doesnt mean its awful or its not her…ive been a lamb since 1998 and i personally love touch my body and her other songs she comes out with now (most more than her 90s songs)

  17. candyblinggg says:

    @cersus can u watch ur language…that is beyond inappropriate and unneccary to use the word “faggot” ever!!!!

  18. TheSMbeatz says:

    Nothing like some charlie brown and Mariah Carey spread across the table.

  19. Fodatoe says:

    im in love….

  20. krissybb69 says:

    this vid shud hav more views

  21. Aibok says:

    i spotted Grey’s anatomy actor. !!!!

  22. DreDae2011 says:

    @theoneandonly2503 I Now Right…….Ere body From The 90′s R Commin bac To Teach These New Artist’s A Lesson About Real Soul/R&B……

  23. TheLyricKidd says:

    This is a vocally phenomenol song. It deserves to go #1 on the charts.

  24. majadiva5 says:

    the best christmas collabs…

  25. 80493910 says:

    Mimi I love you
    from Brazil…

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