Last Christmas – Crazy Frog

The annoying animated frog with a funny video – Last Christmas – - Gideon Productions Inc. -
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. alicha2010 says:

    omg santa is a crazy frog at the end he says bom bom

  2. gillpillandcan says:

    oh god my eyes… put some pants on!

  3. preggow says:

    1:02 JUST itcheaing my but hole

  4. stephiepowerful says:

    he can ask santa for pants so penis dosent freeze :)

  5. RosaleenTheCrazyGirl says:


  6. mzdevil98 says:

    LOL! His penis happened to be right under his stomach. LOL! But he’s still cute! :)

  7. wkunzelman1 says:

    Because he’s a frog. And Frogs don’t wear clothing.

  8. Sasuko1000 says:

    lol haha

  9. 301Ana says:

    Ikr XD i’m asking that too. What they are teaching kids these days, is to be naked. :P haha.

  10. 301Ana says:

    Haha :D

  11. lilmzannie says:

    dude!!! why is he naked????

  12. Amilia383 says:

    my fav frog

  13. Amilia383 says:

    Crazy frog is awesome he was my favorite frog ever since I could remember..0

  14. danieltravish says:

    i have to go with jintha. what the hell is going on there.

  15. melissasedgwick420 says:

    He also has an invisible moped. Does that mean I should try to stop riding mine too?

  16. tbird11able says:

    so does about everyone else who reads these if you agree with thumbs up for me if you agree with mr tortuga thumb him up

  17. TheTortugaTanker says:

    Sounds like you have personal issues with my comment.

  18. tbird11able says:

    just cuz you have super big problems and are crazy doesn’t mean you have to put us all down

  19. waterwolf21ful says:

    thumbs up if ur watching this in 2011

  20. jchijan says:

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  21. dandygurl1998 says:

    he klikes oushing buttons

  22. jintha3 says:

    wait..why is there a dungeon in Santa’s worship…

  23. hamsterlover1707 says:


  24. ChikasAmateur says:


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