Christmas with Bubba J – Jeff Dunham

An extended clip from Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special. This one features lovable red-neck Bubba J talking about Christmas at home and his latest encounter with Santa. Get Jeff’s latest stand-up special DVD Controlled Chaos: See Jeff and the Gang on Tour: Jeff’s Very Special Christmas Special DVD: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Store: Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Hard2TheCore95 says:

    fuck yes, i love bubba j

  2. RuiBatista188 says:

    look it’s the real Bubba J.  0:27

  3. wweman2002 says:

    beer nog

  4. fredericys12 says:

    hes really good his lips never move but his neck goes crazy

  5. Darkstar411611 says:

    it was probably bubba j

  6. nandotorresable1 says:

    The video like started off and I’ve watched a little less than 15 sec.s and I already busted out laughing sooo bad. This guy kills me- he is sooo hillarious! :D

  7. deluca817 says:

    At 5:25 someone farted

  8. ShuffleSiDiCeR says:

    - How do you make beer nog?
    - You take big ol’ bowl of egg nog and you pour it down the sink…. And you drink a beer

  9. Alindo352 says:

    LOL XD

  10. brwnsugar16 says:

    You r really funny Bubba j you rock Bubba j

  11. ismrockhard says:

    he burned worse than mairyln manson at a baptist revivial
    that was a good one

  12. angelamorales55 says:

    I llllllooooovvvveee tttthhhheeee video sooo funny

  13. XXBASSOON1STXX says:

    “watching nascar and drinking beeeeeeeer!”
    mhmm… join the 99%ers!

  14. littleangel7900 says:

    lots of practice

  15. Fruitloop1231000 says:

    Jeff: So how’d you put him out?
    Bubba: hur hur huur I peed on him.

  16. jimgal1239 says:

    we dont drink tat crap

  17. K3NatCSS says:

    Injecting beer can actually squeeze out some extra ink out of the cartridge. You’d probably want to do it with something cleaner, but it’d work for a while.

  18. Randoman41 says:

    He’s been doing this for Years.

  19. loveore0825 says:

    Beer-nog u get a bowl of egg-nog thow it in the sink then u drink a beer

  20. redsoxrok34 says:

    Simple, he’s a damn good ventriloquist. That’s why he’s filthy rich

  21. jimgal1239 says:

    beer nog

  22. CraftRocker says:

    You pour the egg nog down the sink… And drink a beer!!!!

  23. carbrett2007 says:

    it’s a trick of the trade…watch his neck when he does the different voice, he uses different sections of his throat with each of the different voices… That’s what makes him great

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