Christmas meets Battlefield 3

What do you do when your house is covered in over seven thousand computer controlled Christmas lights? You synchronize them to the Battlefield 3 theme song. Duh.

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  1. 26Cammy55 says:

    Good drills Ma man!!!

  2. XDSaibotXD says:

    better than bf3 :D

  3. porcosino says:

    you are a fucking evil genius :D

  4. clodmony says:

    unnötig strom verbrauchen

  5. MrFour4th says:

    I…. LOVE IT!

  6. Srpskeoci says:

    lol nice

  7. murataruta says:

    @littleCT20 i was expecting a vehicle full of C4 to blow it up ^^

  8. Mills3y1 says:

    @TheBlacksunsh1ne Hi there Adam :)

  9. StewMM says:

    I now want to see a Tron one!

  10. abdur1996 says:

    Yeah! lets go give kids some presents!

  11. MrBenjiman74 says:

    WOW! Epicness!

  12. Qzioftw says:

    Shit lmao

  13. bibboorton says:

    I wonder how hard it is to make something like this… :3

  14. warren13095 says:

    this shit is awesome.. too bad cod doesn t have a theme song ;)

  15. IBM6669 says:

    ابداع يفوق الخيال

  16. leontokardos86 says:


  17. esten17 says:

    i bet those 80 ppl are living next to the house :D

  18. SiNz86 says:

    @littleCT20 Same rofl

  19. TheBlacksunsh1ne says:

    Holy shit.

  20. Babeylala says:


  21. jstn1029 says:

    Fuckin Epic man

  22. R4PH4EL13 says:

    @littleCT20 yeah… no destruction thats not frostbite

  23. xmojojoeox says:

    holy balls.

  24. Sikh5 says:

    yeah exactly, dont see any cod fans doing the same thing with their theme tune………oh wait they dont have one!!

  25. reQualrz says:

    little do they know this is a house inside bf3 game

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