Christmas Light Show 2011 – Sexy and I Know It

My website: Facebook Viewing from Moible Phone: The video has been blocked from mobile phones (mainly iPhone/iPad) due to the content owner….record company. Nothing I can do. Most Android phones work. A work around is to click on the “Desktop” link at the bottom of the Youtube page in your browser (ex: Safari). Do not use the Youtube app. When you want to return back to mobile version, click on “Mobile” at the bottom of the page. I originally created this for the AMAs, but you didn’t get to see a lot of it due to the way it was broadcast. I’ve received many requests to use this for a Christmas show and I thought it would be a cool idea to add Santa Hats on the faces and place some Xmas trees on the lawn….and presto! Sexy and I know It Christmas style with a little Halloween thrown in. Not your typical standard Christmas song…but who wants standard? Christmas Light Show 2011 — Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. 4 singing pumpkin faces with Santa Hats, spiral trees, strobes, floods and thousands of RGB LED lights. DMX running some of lights. All lights, faces and props are custom made (DIY) by me except for the roof line which are CCRs. Controlling channels. 1040 channels. Riverside, CA

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  1. royalkiller16 says:

    holy moly very nice :D

  2. n0trustt says:

    @xelvargx im getting called a fag by a kid that plays runescape… its ok once you hit puberty maybe you wont be so mad kid.

  3. nathanfrancis33 says:

    That is Sweet dude!!

  4. gothal says:

    @Sisofreapuout I think their neighbours would wish otherwise :p

  5. kylieae says:

    really dont know how many times ive watched this now lol

  6. fireposer123 says:

    thats actually awsome

  7. fireposer123 says:

    its kind of cool

  8. tatetara1 says:

    139 must have been his/hers neighborhood

  9. tatetara1 says:

    That dude in the car must be like WTF

  10. tatetara1 says:

    man the space shutle must love this

  11. xxStevenNguyenxx says:

    I wonder how you do that amazing show without cars passing by without interuption. LOL

  12. MrSuperfabio1 says:

    man i went and saw it so much funnnnnn

  13. ingraleat says:

    1:50 That bloody car…

  14. xtrueracerx says:

    that house thinks he’s sexy and he knows it…

  15. Andreasan234 says:

    wow awsome

  16. nerdyrcdriver says:

    @TheRizzness1 but there are so many zeros in it!

  17. Lielzim says:

    Muito legal!!! =]

  18. infinityicecube says:

    electircty so so better with LMFAO

  19. MrDibbles100 says:

    this is awesome i wanna see this!

  20. berger890 says:

    yea eletric bill is probably as much as how many viewers their are

  21. iiTzBenJi says:

    1111Fcuk yah

  22. hannah3797 says:

    i love that show on TLC,invation of the christmas lights

  23. Vlad2319 says:

    Seizure warning! XD

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