Chris Rea : Driving Home For Christmas

This video was to be for one month only but…I have left this on due to so many good folk out there are viewing and commenting on this clip…enjoy. Merry Christmas to all.

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  1. HomoIsaias says:

    very good song, about the best part of the year!

  2. taroctg says:

    Reminds me of my first Christmas in London.

  3. TheBOZORUS says:

    Merry christmas from Somalia

  4. Sn0wD0gg says:

    I know it’s March; but this song makes me feel so warm inside. I’d love it to be Christmas at least 3 or 4 times a year

  5. Gralfindel says:

    Chris Rea’s fans, help me! For few days im searching for one Chris Rea song and I can’t find it anyway :< I heard it on the radio, it was a slow ballad and one verse was ending with words like “I hold a beauty in my arms”. I’m not quite sure it was Chris but voice of singer was really like his and even my mother told me it was him.Can you tell me what song is this ?? Thanks for your help :)

  6. LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

    It’s Feb but Merry Christmas from Luxembourg anyways! :)

  7. XxEmZzAlErTxX says:

    merry xmas from northern ireland

  8. travelling42 says:

    It’s a great song at any time of the year. ;)

  9. patka420 says:

    Merry Christmas from Poland ;)
    Love this song <3

  10. The3eka says:

    Marry Christmas from Serbia, both orthodox and catholic one:)
    Marry Christmas all! :) 

  11. stiggyh says:

    nothing like the sweet melancholy of listening to christmas songs after christmas (;

  12. ksushasharlay says:

    Merry Christmas from Ukraine ;)

  13. 11callig says:

    All the best from the Isle Of Man,see the all in June for the best bike festival,the TT in the world.

  14. JMdeCascais says:

    Simply one of the most ever
    beautiful songs of christmas. 

  15. abm765 says:

    peace and love..Merry Christmas to all

  16. mvdeo95 says:

    Merry christmas from Spain, but I am from Uruguay!!1

  17. MrPoohbear40 says:

    merry christmas !! gonna have to stop listening this soon :( ((

  18. DimAlbisoara says:

    Merry Christmas from Rep. Of Moldova :*

  19. 7891Roman says:

    Merry Christmas from Ukraine!!!)))

  20. tandem999 says:

    Craciun Fericit MOLDOVA-Orhei !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. missycake1 says:

    Happy New Year to all & PEACE throughout the world please!!

  22. ephimeron says:

    Best Wishes and Happy New Year, to all around the World, from Greece. Love, Kleanthis.

  23. Gujab20 says:

    merry christmas from Georgia :)

  24. welovetruth says:

    How do we find true happiness?

  25. HowAreYou61 says:

    happy holidays people!!!

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