Cascada Last Christmas

Itunes: Last Christmas out now UK the second album out now “Perfect day”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Trystanqo says:

    @xBrokenPiece cause they’re tigers

  2. mikeys60 says:


  3. NicoleHero101 says:

    I don’t know why people are posting “ITS NOT A CHRISTMAS SONG” and its not, and no one said it was, just because the name of the song is “Last Christmas” doesn’t mean its a christmas song

  4. MrJokero2 says:


  5. mese48 says:


  6. SethxMetin says:


  7. Chagalf says:

    Happy New year from Earth, i am a human..

  8. RoarOfZonda says:

    Yeah.. I listen to this song even though it’s not Christmas season.. I’m a badass that’s why

  9. dgp1865 says:

    sos la mujer más hermosa que vi en videos natalie, besos desde argentina

  10. UnchartedMario says:

    @UnchartedMario Yes, i’m a besexual santa!

  11. UnchartedMario says:

    Happy new year from Southpole!

  12. THECOMMENTER10000 says:

    Last Christmass
    I gave you my heart,
    but the very next day
    your body rejected it
    and you died.

  13. DenBlueFun99 says:

    @nikdoohihi same :D

  14. ARavingLooony says:

    the guy shes talkin about in this song is an idiot id rather chop my arm off than break up w her thats like someone sayin u can fuck 1 of these women Yvonnne Strahovski (Sarah from Chuck) or Susan Boyle the guy shes talkin about would probaly pick Susan lol

  15. popoino1 says:

    Happy Chrismas & New year From Sweden :) Love for all

  16. ALI123456302 says:

    Happy new year from Saudi Arabia

  17. ALI123456302 says:

    @mayush54 fuck you and your mom

  18. mayush54 says:

    @ALI123456302 FUCK YOU!

  19. merwynm5 says:

    Happy Christmas & New Year
    Marvin Mendonca

  20. xBrokenPiece says:

    Why are people wishing a new year now ? O.o 

  21. MinecraftKorta says:


  22. nikdoohihi says:

    Happy new year from Czech :P

  23. H3R34yoU1 says:

    @xChelseaxJimxNicola yes,but the comm is not recently

  24. xChelseaxJimxNicola says:

    @H3R34yoU1 *Sarcasm* Time difference really that big huh?

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